Game crashes

Today when I was flying a British airways Boeing 777-300er From London to New York (EGLL to KJFK) on the expert server before I started I closed all the other apps on my iPad and deleted all of my replay files yet as I was taxiing to the gate at KJfk From the runway I landed on The game just suddenly crashed

Hi! Restart your device just before your flight. It will improve the performance. It’s the most useful method to solve a lot of problems!

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I’ve been doing that for every flight ever since but it sometimes does crash

Hello, was the airport busy at the time?

Hey what ipad do you have? And what is your graphics settings

Yes very busy

I have the iPad 2017 and if works extremely well on it. But at the time I did that flight my graphics settings were high

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Ok - a device that is nearly 5 years old definitely can’t handle having the settings in high - turn them down to Low/Medium and see if that reduces the crashes.

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Could be the cause.

Yeah but it doesn’t crash as much as it used to on high graphics settings because I restart my iPad before my flights

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