Game Crashes

I have an iPad mini2 and whenever I use Infinte Flight, it crashes. It doesn’t matter what aircraft I’m flying in, but I’m able to last longer it some rather than others. I don’t know what to do, the iPad has ios 12.5.5. I’ve seen people struggling with ios 15, but I don’t have that.

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This is a 2018 version of iOS, it’s likely that because IF is optimized for iOS 14 & 15 it is your version dragging you down. If you are able to update (maybe not to iOS 15 but as high as possible), that could help.

EDIT: After some research it seems as though the Mini 2 was iOS discontinued after the 12.5.5 update… do you maybe have a newer device that you could set up?

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Your device was released basically 8 years ago, and lost support for system upgrades 3 years ago. 8 years if quite a long time for a mobile device, so the system hardware is possibly no longer up to the task of running IF.

You can try lowering graphics settings to the absolute minimum, restarting the device or simply trying IF on a different device entirely. You could also attempt to reinstall IF, but I don’t know if that would do anything

Storage may also be an issue (check available storage). IF takes up over 10gb on my ipad, perhaps yours simply doesnt have space to spare.


I have my phone, but it’s an android and it’s also smaller than my iPad. If that’s the lroblem I’ll probably just get it replaced. Thanks for the help!

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Here is a good resource for finding quality but price efficient devices:

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