Game crashes

I know many topics are already there about this subject. But i want to get some advise or some help.
I see everyone has problems after 20.1. But I’ve had problems since like for ever.
Already had contact through the mail with support. But seems like they can’t fix it.

The device i’m using is a Samsung galaxy S10+ ceramic black (1 tb, 12 GB ram)
So it’s i think one of the best phones on the market so far.
The app crashes occurred long before 20.1 and on short hauls, long hauls, landings & taxiing.
It doesn’t matter where I am or what i’m doing it keeps crashing.

I’ve tried every possible thing already low/low graphics, no plane count.
Clearing cache, no background apps. Restarting device before flight.

I really love the game and its functions but if i cant play it properly i will cancel subscription at the end of this month (8 days left). After being subscribed for 1,5 years. Cause it makes the game unplayable for me.

Does someone have advise or tips? Not the ones i mentioned above cause i already tried that.

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That is a known issue.
My S10+ suffers from it as well. In fact all Galaxy 10-series models outside of the US and China suffer from it.
It has to do with the Exynos/Mali/Android 10 combination.
It all started after Android 10 was released. With Android 9 there were no issues.

IF freezes for about 15 seconds, while the audio is stuttering, and then the device reboots.
Unfortunately there’s nothing you can do to prevent it from happening. It’s totally random.

The devs are currently testing an S10+ with the same chipset to find out if this can be resolved somehow.

This really is a Samsung issue though, so that might complicate things.
Other applications are affected by it as well.

Fingers crossed!!


So to be able to solve this problem I need to get another device?
Hmmmm… Maybe i’ll think about it and try to get a new device.

You’re mistake is buying a Samsung device…

But in all seriousness, if you’re tempted to fly now, I recommend hopping on eBay or Amazon and buy a refurbished/second hand device (preferably a higher end iPad which is something with the A10 Fusion Chip or higher).


Easily the funniest comment on the IFC!


Get Huawei I have a Huawei P30 lite 4GB ram with settings on medium and plays the game great 😊

Thinking about buying a tablet instead of a phone tho.
I got this phone for the use of calling and whatsapp.

And oh i will never buy an apple, so what about a Samsung Tab S6?
Someone has some experience with that?


I’ve got one.
It’s a beast.
And it has the Snapdragon chip my S10+ should have had, instead of the Exynos one.

That sounds good. Thanks.
I will look into that than!

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