Game Crashes

Why does my game crash after most of my long hauls? If your wondering what I do:

  1. Graphics all on low, and limit frame rate on and no anti aliasing(never have that)
  2. Airplane count on none
  3. Once I get to cruise I hid the airplane names and dots
  4. I turn automatic low power mode on.
  5. Just to be “safe” I put the time on night and go to no vc and look at the stars, just to make it less bright in my room at night.
    6.once I don’t need atc anymore, I turn my volume all the way down.
  6. Right before I go to bed I turn my brightness all the way down.

But it still crashes. My storage is nowhere close to being full. I have an iPad Pro from 2018. It’s not just me that is crashing, me and my friends did a long haul yesterday night from Hong Kong to land in Brussels in the expert server this morning. We had 6 people at the start, then when I wake up, 2 of their games crashed, then about an hour later another persons game crashed. Then out of nowhere, I was perfectly fine just watching my iPad beginning my descent, and about 5 minutes in, the app closes, takes me to my home screen, then I click on if against, but I’m back in the menu. THIS IS VERY ANNOYING!!! If anyone can tell me why this is happening to a ton of people, that would be great!

Hi there! The app crashing for iOS is a known issue. You can follow its status below. I linked the most recent update on it.

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I would try restarting your device before a long haul flight, this happens to me all the time and that fixes it.

That’s the same with me!! I was taking off out of Brussels and I saw a 787 2nd in line to land have his game crash too. He came in from Bangkok.
If this stuff keeps happening I’m gonna quit using the infinite flight game! In the upcoming update this better be fixed! Otherwise goodnight infinite flight!