Game crashes

Every time I go into flight lately my game crashes , I’ve got an iPhone 6 with 64gb and ive graphics turned down , can anyone help

Have you reinstalled the game yet?

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No I haven’t yet

Try that and let us know if it works.


Will do thanks

Along with Hamza.N, try restarting the device if that doesn’t work

Hi there,
After you’ve done the steps as stated above, make sure to clear your scenery cache, that should help.
Have a good day.

Hi @Evan_Kearns, check out the 2019 Support FAQ for app crashes and lag.

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That didn’t work but I’ll try the other options thanks

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Try clearing the scenery cache. Doing so might fix it.

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Try these steps:

  1. Reset your RAM. Hold down your power/lock button until it says “Swipe to turn off” Hold down your home button until you’re returned to the home screen.
  2. Try turning off all third party apps and apps running in the background
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How much storage do you have left on your phone?

I’ve tried everything now And I was on short final of an hour flight and the game crashed about 10 seconds before touchdown I don’t know what’s wrong

Hey there. What i would say is (based on other members who have the same device and are having the same issues with heavy traffic) is that the 1gb ram on the iphone 6 is the main culprit.

Yeah it’s probably that

Try to put down your graphic settings and airplane count to low. The iPhone 6 doesn’t have that good performance for IF. I also had an iPhone 6, but few days ago I bought an iPhone 8 because of the performance.

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