Game Crashes;You Lose All of your XP

I was about to land at KJFK, coming from KSFO, when IF crashed on me. When I reopened the app, my log said I had a 7 hour flight but my XP was the exact same. I think I should be reimbursed for the loss with the XP I would’ve gotten.

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You didn’t lose any of your XP. It may take a bit for the servers to reflect the Flight Time XP. Your flight updates regularly to the servers so don’t be worried about the lost time. Also note that there’s no way for us to credit XP.

If you are having issues with the app crashing be sure to restart your device before flights to have as much RAM as your device allows available, lower your graphics settings and lower the aircraft count to lessen the burden on your graphics processor.


So I will get XP for it? It just didn’t show up yet? Is that what you’re saying?

Your XP was being saved during the duration of the flight. If the app crashes on final approach then it’s likely you only lost a few minutes of XP and not the whole flight.

Ok, thanks so much for the help.

For the record what device and operating system do you have? As mentioned above, lowering some settings may be the best course of action for your device to help mitigate app crashes.

IPhone5s I think the newest operating ios

I have a real quick question, what would happen if you lower aircraft count? You would be at an airport and would not see all the aircraft on ground? Im asking this because I have had the same problem

Okay, yea I’m sorry you’ve experienced the app crash. Try the tips I mentioned above as they should be a big help to those critical stages of flight.

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Lowering the aircraft count just decreases the amount of aircraft rendering around you. So if there’s 10 aircraft around you, only 5 would be seen on your display. It helps take away from the load being put on your device components.

Ok, now I understood, I found it strange that some aircraft would be removed If you lowered the count, but now i know they just disappear from the screen if far away, thanks Chris!

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Sure thing! Hint: you will still see the aircraft in your mini-map and map so if you are taxiing or getting ready to depart make sure you check your radar.

Sure, but I dont hide airplane dots and names so im safe from collisions… At least i think so ;)

Some good habits are to check the radar often. Listen to other traffic and always communicate with Unicom when there’s no active ATC. Situational Awareness is a key part of everyone’s responsibilities while at the healm of aircraft.

Just stay five yards away from them and you’ll be safe ;)

It looks like I got 1,000 for the 7 hour flight. That’s not right

If you flew for 6 hours for example the minimum XP received should be 3,600 XP.

If you send me a picture of your logbook I can give you an estimate of the XP you received.

You are more than right, safety first in order to provide the best possible flight experience to all, Thanks again, it was a pleasure and good night

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Continuing in a PM.