Game crashes while playing multiplayer(Especially for phones with Intel Atom Processors)

While playing multiplayer,the game will crash no matter how many times relaunch or restart the phone…This problem happens mostly on phones that comes with Intel Atom Processors like Asus ZenFone series but the game won’t crash while playing offline,only for multiplayer…Hope the developers will see this topic and fix is as soon as possible


What device are you using. The servers are packed at the moment so a older device might not coupe.

i have same problem with Intel Atom
Solo works fine
Mulitplayer crashes even with settings on low
Lenovo Tab S8-50L its 1 year old device

ya me too, facing the same problem, i’m using Asus Zenfone 5, please help me to fix it. Please

I also have the same problem. I hope a developer see it

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I believe that Atom processors don’t work well with Infinite Flight.

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