Game crashes when viewing replays, UI disappearance

Hi. I have recently noticed this issue and a quick search on this site didnt yeald a topic so im creating this one.
When viewing replays since da new update released and especially since the latest hotfix update literally 1 in 3 replays that i watch forces the game to crash fora unkown reasons.

Also another bug i noticed when watching replays is that the UI suddenly dissapears and im just left with the actual replay unable to fix the UI. This is easily fixable by just exiting to the menu and reloading the replay but tbh its a bit of a hastle to do it because it also happens to me on a regular basis

What’s your device ?

First off,
When the UI Disappears, Tap and hold the screen for more than 3 seconds to get the UI back on the screen.

Secondly, why did the file crash? Try saving this file into Google Drive First. Then try reopening this replay file to see wether it crashed or not.

Firstly thanks for the UI tip.
Secondly the replay file works just fine when i restart the app and restart the replay so im pretty sure that its not due to the file.

Samsung J5 2017 version and yes i know these were prone to issues with earlyer versions of the game😂

It happens the same here

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