Game crashes when starting Space Shuttle mission

I don’t know if it’s only for me, but my game always crashes and quits when I try to start a session with the Space Shuttle. Let me know if anybody has experienced this.
I would also like to know if you have had any other glitches or bugs that affect normal gameplay.

could yall stop editing my title thanks

Your title wasn’t even a little descriptive…

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In the main text I was talking about a bug which is a bug while playing the Space Shuttle mission, right? And the title was Bugs/Glitches. I don’t like when people use their rights being a moderator only because they don’t like how something looks.

“Bugs/Glitches” isn’t descriptive or specific at all.

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A title doesn’t need to be specific - that’s what the body text is for.

A title is a summary of your text. It’s something that should briefly tell what your text is going to be about. The current title is a great title, however “Bugs/glitches” says nothing, and then i mean NOTHING about the issue you have


Yes it does, end of story.

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Are we really going to argue over a title?? Why not focus on the real problem in that the game crashes when starting the shuttle mission.

Now, I have not experienced the shuttle bug and I have no other bugs that affect my gameplay. Infinite Flight runs good on the iPhone 6.

Yes i experienced this bug since the update too it crash at the loading screen : (

Agreed, just wanted to draw a line ;)

Can you give a little more information? Device, app version etc.?

Yes it does!

Firstly it wasn’t even in the right category, so you can’t really throw your weight around anyway seen as you fell at the first hurdle.

Secondly, it is meant to be a brief summary, to determine whether it is or isn’t something a paticular user wishes or needs to see. There are lots of “Bug” and “Glitch” reports, how are we meant to distinguish this from the other couple hundred? We’re not pyschic are we?

Two regulars here had to edit both your title and category, which takes us time and effort we would rather put to better use, but for your sake we do not.

So don’t have that attitide with us.


it crashes at 10% loading mark. I also have a sound glitch on the A380 when retracting the gear, the sound of the gear retractions keeps playing even after the gear has finished retracting

Better buddy ;)

Another little tip,

Make a separate topic for each bug report, let’s keep things organised.

Be sure to include Device, Operating System, Exact Steps to re-produce the issue e.t.c

Cheers @Edvards_Ozols

Stop arguing over a title change. Regulars reserve the right to do so if it doesn’t fit the forum rules/guidelines. Keep it respectful.


And to add this is a duplicate. Please search before posting.