Game crashes when putting VNAV Altitudes

There seems to be a problem, everytime I try inserting VNAV Altitudes, it seems the game crashes. It happened more than 5 times and I’m tired of this, I had to do the flight planning all over again. Maybe you guys can solve this issue in the next update?

Try to delete the application and re-download it again

This is only a last resort. There are plenty of things we can try first :)

@SouljaFlight If possible, can you please tell us your device and specs? I’ve also seen that this is known and the devs are looking into it. That may be part of your issue.

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Hey @SouljaFlight!

This is a known issue. Developers have noted it and it seems to be fixed. You shouldn’t have this problem once we see the release of 20.2. :)

Happy flying!


I have a Motorola G Stylus, 4GB of RAM, Snapdragon 665