Game crashes when on approach to a heavy traffic airport

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Hey Everyone I don’t like to come on here and rant and rave about things but it’s getting to the point where I think I need to tonight I was on final approach to VHHH from RKSI and it was on the schedule so of course it was going to be busy at the airport so on final I was approximately 2NM from the runway and my game crashed I would like to see this being fixed as we are paying for a subscription to play although I love this game it’s a shame that we have to deal with these things.

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Hey Mitch! What are your graphics settings, as well as airplane count and FPS Count?

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In addition to this, what device do you have?

Hey @Mathurin_Garcier

Rendering quality Medium

3D object density Medium

Rendering resolution High

Texture quality Medium

Anti-aliasing Off

Frame rate limit 30FPS

Airplane count Low

iPad 6th generation I have friends that have the same device with high graphics and they fly to busy airports all the time and there’s doesn’t crash so I don’t think it’s the device but that’s my opinion

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I see. How often does it crash? Every flight?

No only if I fly into a busy airport

Try Clear cache from Settings ıf it’s not working try to delete and reinstall app. This Crashes known issue especially in IOS

The thing is, your device is 5 year old at this point. It’s not old per say, but it’s definitely aging. You can’t expect it to run a high-quality game perfectly, especially when flying into busy airports.

Here is what you can do to help reduce crashes:

  • Restart device before each flight
  • Lower graphics to minimum and work your way up
  • Reduce airplane count as much as possible
  • Place iPad on cold surface and reduce brightness to reduce the heating

These won’t completely get rid of crashes, but should reduce the chance of them happening.


Extra to this ones try to set your graphics to low

I will try these things I already restart it before every flight and airplane count is on low but I’ll try those other things my opinion on it all to be honest with you ever since 23.1 came out there has been multiple people complaining on the forum about crashes and multiple other reasons hopefully they can fix this matter soon thanks for your help though

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Yeah, as I said, they won’t fix the crash issue. They’ll just reduce the chance of them happening

There’s actually less. But there’s more people flying close to any update.
But here’s the thing;

  • A LOT of people are flying with settings higher or flying longer flights than their device are capable of handling. Especially when it comes to longer flights. Airplane count + 3D object density are the ones I would prioritize changing in your case first.

I think @tunamkol covered most of it quite good.


I think developers should better optimize performance. No dynamic lights, no volumetric clouds and the simulator requires high performance for proper operation, forcing you to play with low settings on good devices to avoid crashes.

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I would disagree. This issue is most prominent on devices with 3GB RAM or less. And this is mostly the case for older and mid-low tier devices.

Many expect running things on high will work just because it’s not lagging. But that’s not the only performance metric :)


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