Game crashes when nearing destination

I have the following problem. My game crashes every time I’m nearing my destination. As soon as I have tuned in to the approach frequency the screen freezes and the game closes. This is really frustrating. I’ve had this problem once before just after global came out, but the freezing dissapeared as soon as I downloaded the next update (I believe this was a fix as I was not the only one having this problem back then). The crashing started happening again today. This is really strange because the problem hasn’t occurred for months. I haven’t changed any graphic settings and I’m using an Ipad Air 2 with the latest ios update. Am I the only one experiencing this?

Could you be more specific on your iOS version? Are you perhaps running the iOS 11 beta? Furthermore, how much available memory and storage do you have?

I have ios 11.2.6 with 39 GB storage still available

Forgive me for asking, I’m not an iOS whiz, is this a beta version of iOS? And your available memory?

Edit- I’ll let Levet handle this one.

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It’s an Air 2 so you may have to lower your graphics settings, disable anti-aliasing and lower the aircraft count. You can fine tune these settings to see what works best depending on the level of detail and traffic in the area you are flying in.

I have an Air 2 but hardly use it anymore because it lacks performance when compared to the iPad Pro’s and Newer Android Tablets. 4-5 year old device are starting to show their age with certain games and sims.

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I don’t think it is a beta version, it doesn’t say so.

iOS 11.2.6 was released a couple weeks ago.

Follow the steps of @Levet , he probably knows more

I’ll try that, thanks

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I can agree as even my iPad pro 2 get lag spikes occasionally I can’t imagine an older device (although the iPad p2 has as much power as as average pc)