Game Crashes when loading into a session

Hey IFC I would be enjoying the new update on IF. There’s only one issue, my game crashes as soon as I load into a session. I’m on a 2018 IPad 6th gen (or something like that.) It works on my older iPhone 7.


Hey Brenden, the iPad 2018 should handle IF fine performance wise so your issue is either storage related or the initial download of 21.1 is corrupt and possibly scenery files.

Can you confirm that you have at least 2GB of available storage on your device? Have you tried clearing scenery cache before you launch your sessions?

Finally, if clearing scenery cache, closing IF (stop it from running in the background too) and then rebooting your device doesn’t change anything then you might want to try backing up your replays and reinstall IF.

Alright, I’ll try clearing the scenery. I have 70 GB on the system so that shouldn’t be the issue.

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