Game crashes when I press fly in the home screen

Game crashes when I press fly in the home screen and it is really annoying due to the demand for me to “YouTube” it on my channel please help

Hi there,

Try deleting the app and reinstalling it ;)

Before long hauls be sure to clear your devices cache, close all background apps, disable the minimap during critical stages of flight and keep a strong internet connection.

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Hello, Also try to close all tabs before flying. This happens a lot when on long hauls,

I tried them both. And the game still crashes I am using iOS 11.2

So you tried deleting the app and reinstalling already?

I have it may be because my IPad was made in 2015

How much memory do you have available? Try to keep at least 2 GB available.

Most of the time, the type of device does not matter, its the memory, and storage you have. Since IF has a large unit of graphic settings my advice is keep your settings low. Low memory can lead to crashes, corrupt files, and many more!

@Pilot291 Okay, so try closing the app, close all other apps (force close), restart your device and relaunch the app.

It works now I think it was not working because It had a corrupted download and on the 4th try it worked

Maybe your device is getting a little old. Perhaps there isn’t enough RAM or processing power to use IF (such as an iPad Mini 1st gen).