Game crashes when changing time on Live

When trying to change time on live mode with my a320, freezes then crashes
(Menu>Time>Click on one>Crashes)
in my case i was trying to change time from sunrise to night or night to sunset.
-Device: Ipad Mini 2 with retina display.
-Device Version: 9.1
-Infinite flight version : 15.10.0
-No background apps.
-No jailbrake or any type of app that will effect my expirience.
-When: November 11 2015 , 7:30PM estern. ( 2 days after the update)
-havnt had this issue before

  • how many times crashed and tried: Tried 4 times, crashed 4 times while taxing.
    -Server: Advanved Server
    -Airport:KTPA (Tampa intl airport in south florida region)
    Airplane and liver: A320, Spirit Airlines.
    -Final Issue: Game/App crashed when trying to change time (Sunset-Night or Night-sunset or Sunrise-Night.

interesting, I’ve done this a lot today and had no issue 🤔

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Hi , do the error still occur, or does 9.2 changed it for you?

I don’t know if this helps but I just tried it on my iPad Air 2 and it works fine.

Check out this tut, it might answer most of your questions:
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