Game Crashes Upon Starting Flight

Hey y’all. A few days ago, I attempted to start a flight in IF. As soon as the flight loaded, the game crashed, and sent me to my home screen. This happened at all the airports and all the aircraft I’ve used since I encountered the issue. The same sequence of events happens when trying to control. All frequencies I’ve tried don’t work. My device and details are as follows…

iPhone X
iOS 11.3
Latest IF version

I’ve tried restarting Infinite Flight, and my phone, but to no avail. Any help is appreciated.

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I’m no expert, but possibly try re-downloading the app.

I had the same issue, usually when I leave the app suddenly and get back on it as it loads. Did you leave the app?

Try restarting your device.

Guys, he said he already did.

No, I’ve stayed in the app. No notifications either.

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@Demeter he’s done both of those, but he did not mention un-installing the app and downloading it again.

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Restarting IF means that Ithink

I haven’t uninstalled and reinstalled. My problem with that is that if I follow through and reinstall, I’ll lose my logbook.

It could possibly be a beta tester is around the area you spawn in. I have encountered that whenever a CRJ is near by I crash right away for some reason. I am no expert so I don’t know for sure if this is the case. It may also be your internet so possibly try restarting it.

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You won’t lose your logbook it is now tied to your Live account.

You will lose your “all flights” logbook, but not the “live flights” log book. So no worries.


I’ve reinstalled IF before a couple of times before but my logbook still shows all my live flights from the very beginning when first started flying.

@Starley explained the same thing, just better than me.

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Okay thanks. I’ll uninstall and report back soon.

@TwinsRock88 It’s on solo mode.

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I would think this is due to a storage issue. Seeing your a Regular, you pretty much know how much storage Infinite Flight requires. Do you have enough storage on your device?

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It worked, thanks y’all.