Game crashes/problems

Good day captains

Im currently doing a flight from RJTT-WSSS 20 mins out from arrival to singapore my flight went crashed, i’m using my Ipad pro while on plug no overheat and i have a plenty of storage on it at all but is anybody having the same issue please help ( i’m planning to do the AKL-DOH flight soon it might happened again)

This is a known problem due to a memory leak caused by IOS 13! You take the necessary precautions from the topic I will try and link below!
Happy Flying :D

This is a known issue related to the 19.4 update. The devs are hopefully bringing a fix in 20.1.

In the meantime, please do this to prevent crashes:

  • Lowest screen brightness
  • Nighttime
  • IF’s in-app low power mode on
  • Camera facing at the sky or ceiling of the cockpit
  • Connected to a charger
  • HUD turned off

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