Game Crashes only in 777s?


My game has crashed several times recently. I have the iPad 9th gen, made in 2021. It doesn’t get hot or anything either the game just closes out for no reason. And it always happens when I’m on approach/final. And here’s the catch. It’s only ever happened in a 777. I cleared my cache before my last flight, but my game still crashed. Does anybody have any kind of suggestion? It’s getting super frustrating

  • hello, do you have any third party application running while Infinite flight is also running?

I would suggest to do a reboot before starting and flight.

I have IF assistant and IF operations running

You could try reducing the number of aircraft shown on the live map as I found it makes a huge difference to performance. You could also try reducing the graphics settings. If that doesn’t work you could try uninstalling the app and then re-installing it.

Okay. I just don’t get why it always only happens in a 777

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you should try a flight without them running in the background because it makes the resources limited for infinite flight

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I’m not 100% sure but I think the reworked 777 uses a lot of data and resources from the device.

What is your fps and graphics quality?

30 fps graphics high. I have a fairly new iPad tho so it shouldn’t be crashing. I may have to reduce graphics it’s just going to suck if I have to bc the graphics are a big part of the game

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for a new ipad like it shouldnt be a problem. Like I said just do a iPad reboot before flying and try without third part apps running and see it works out. You can a test flight on solo and casual in case something goes wrong

Honestly, your device should handle the app and new aircraft just fine with those settings, so it sounds like you might have some corrupt data isolated to the B777’s. If closing Infinite Flight, rebooting your device, then relaunching Infinite Flight doesn’t resolve your issue, recommend the following:

• Back up your replay files to your device (if you would like to keep them)
• Delete Infinite Flight and all of its data
• Reboot your device
• Reinstall Infinite Flight
• Try spawning into the live servers with the 777’s again.


I deleted it and reinstalled. I’m going to try a short hop in the 777 to see if that fixed the issue


Sooooo short hop everything went fine…. Hopefully it’s fixed. Gotta try a long haul next


I was flying with you and it seemed like it worked, so let’s see if it’s maybe long hauls for the next time.

Hmm i was flying a 777 200lr from ypph to eddf and in was about 2 minutes away from my destination and the screen just hanged and after about 20 sec the app crashed.quite sad considering the flight was 16 plus hours and my effort has gone to waste. I think just clear cache and kill and other apps in the back ground

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Hey! I too was halving this specific issue just recently. The best solution I found was reducing the aircraft count during the approach and landing phases from Very High to Low. I run infinite Flight on the highest settings and this has stopped any crashes. After landing then I am able to turn the aircraft count back up with no issues.

I hope this helps! I plan on trying different aircraft count settings and seeing what is the highest setting I can remain at during approach and landing.

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