Game crashes on final

The last couple of flights I’ve done in the 777-300 and 777F the game has crashed around the same time while on final. I don’t get any xp or anything from it.

Device details:
Apple iPad (5th generation)
IOS 14.0

Graphic settings:
Everything HIGH

Hope this is everything you guys need.


As far as I am aware…XP is accumulated during the flight…so you would’ve received the XP from most of the flight.

What are your graphics and airplane count settings on? The iPad 5th generation is over 2 years old now - so may not cope on the highest settings.

I have it on the highest setting. I’ve never had a problem with it on Open Beta but its happened since downloading it from the app store.

This can be a heavy traffic in the server issue.

Can you confirm that in your 777F flight you were flight to EDDP?

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Yeah it was!! It could be as its happened at Amsterdam when there was alot of traffic around. Never happens to me when I control on the Expert server though.

Yeah Cameron, probably its a heavy traffic issue, i recommend put the Airplane Count on low or none.

As the 777 its a bit heavy by the details level the iPad cant handle It. Maybe its that

I experienced the same thing multiple time in the last build of beta and in the official version
iPad 6th generation
All graphics settings on low
Anti aliasing off
Airplane count low

Also tried with an iPhone X and no crash have been encountered.

Just did a short flight with my graphics down to medium and it worked a treat! No crashes. Thanks guys for the tips!