Game Crashes on every flight


*Aircraft count on low
*3D rendering on low
*Quality rendering on low
*I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game
*And I have cleared cache on my device

This is happening on every single flight I’ve flown since 22.1, and it’s always on final approach or below 12,000ft

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Have you tried lowering your aircraft count?

I don’t think that’s an issue because it does that when I’m the only person around too

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probably the device you are using

Could we get device specs as well as available device storage?

I have about 8GB in storage left

It’s never been an issue until last Monday

If loads of people reported it’s probably not a device issue yall….

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I just tried my 12th flight of 22.1 (still haven’t landed yet), and it seems like the game likes to crash whenever it wants, not just on approach, I have all my settings on low, and my internet is good, will there be a hotfix out soon for this? Because I’m not too happy about this

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It’s happening to me too, 5th flight of 22.1, 4 out of 5 crashed on landing

This is a known bug that the team is investigating, but you can try clearing the cache or rebooting the device before each flight.

I’ve tried that, but nothing seems to work

Have you tried reinstalling the app?

Yes I have

Well, the only thing left is to wait for an IF solution because it does not seem like a device problem because it also happens to me with 7 flights, only complete 2 and it always closes before parking

So now it won’t even let me fly on any server with it crashing, even solo, idk what’s going on?

Same happens to me, the game crashes all the time, especially before touch down.
Before the update it wasn’t an issue.
Just happened before touchdown at LAX.

Hey there,

Sorry to hear about this. Could you please provide the make and model of your device?

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Hey! My device is an Ipad Air 2

Hey, sorry for the delay with this. The Air 2 is quite an old device, but I wouldn’t expect it to crash on every single flight. For now, try some short haul flights or some pattern work and see how that goes, and if it’s still an issue after a hotfix then we’ll look into it in a bit more detail then.

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