Game crashes Mid flight

hello all, once again my game crashes mid flight, i really dont know why my game keeps on crashing

iphone 13
ios up to date
84.5 gb of free space

What are your graphics settings? I recommend using them in this order:

30 fps

This works pretty well for me, and I highly suggest changing to these settings if you don’t want to experience crashes as much,
Hope this helps, cheers

@Speedbird_1102_Heavy i mean, my iphone 13 is only 4 months old so i should be able to use high level settings in my opinion


That makes sense. Start with low graphics and turn them up. I would also clear replays and clear the graphics cache, which might help. Maybe update iOs or restart phone?

@Speedbird_1102_Heavy my ios is up to date

just did another flight with all the settings lowered and it crashed mid flight again

Feel free to add on here: