Game crashes during flight

Hi I was flying from Seattle to Sydney I tried to go to the atc view and my game crashed I lost about 4 hours of flight time and xp is their any way to get this back.

Your flight time and XP are still in your statistics.

Did you have Low Power Mode on?
Did you fly in Low brightness?
Did you fly at Night time?
Are your graphics settings low?
If this re-occurs try and do the thing listed above :)
Also XP and Flight time save so there is no need to worry :)

@Airbus_737 @IFliPlanes

It’s one crash. Nowhere does it say this is a recurring issue for the user :)

I recommend you both to read this topic made by yours truly:


Okay :)
I was asking some Questions :)

No, you just asked a bunch of questions. Tips are statements, not questions :)


Yep I understand.
I will be further looking into the #meta and #tutorials to see how to actually help pilots.

Have a good day/night :)

Maybe staff can weigh in on the ATC camera view issue when far from a land mass.
Still cause problems?

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