Game crashes and scenery not loading

So before the most recent updates of this year my sim was fine but now it keeps crashing or scenery won’t load, I’ll explain. I have always lowered my graphics settings once I was at cruise to low and the aligning off as well. But when I do this I find that the airport scenery doesn’t load (can’t see taxi ways or runways). But when I don’t touch the graphics settings the game will be fine till I land at the airport and as I’m taxiing the game will crash. I don’t know what to do. If I lower the setting the scenery won’t load and if I leave the setting as is the game crashes on me. I have a newer iPad with plenty of storage because I only have Infinite flight on the ipad I also have good WiFi. Can anything be done?

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Hello there!

Sorry you’re experiencing crashes - they’ve become quite common on iOS recently, unfortunately.

First, to address the airport loading issue, I need to ask you: do airports not load on Low settings only during cruise, or when you’re approaching an airport, too? If it only happens during cruise, then it might be a feature, rather than a bug - not loading an airport fully when not within a certain range reduces strain on your device.

Second, do you bring your graphics settings back up to what they previously were once you’re descending/on approach? If yes, what settings do you use during those stages of the flight (a screenshot of them would be perfect)? Also, what generation is your iPad, and does it have the latest iOS version installed? This info is very beneficial towards resolving your issue.

I have the settings on high once I start my decent and it stays at 30fps and I turn back on the aligning. I know the airports won’t show till I’m about 7-9 nm out but I’m saying the runway and taxiways won’t show at all even when I’ve touched the ground so I don’t know where I’m going when I land. I have the 9th gen iPad and it has the most recent iPad OS update. I also keep on the low battery mode (the one inside of the app) as well.

I had the same issue last night, the scenery stopped loading and I couldn’t see other players. Weird thing but probably gets fixed later.

Thank you for the info!

For the airport loading issue, try clearing the scenery cache if/when that happens, and ensure you have over 1GB of storage free - Infinite Flight may have trouble loading airports if there’s less than a gigabyte of storage available on your device. The app will freeze for a few seconds while it clears the cache, after which, your airport should load like it normally would.

As for the app crashes, we can eliminate hardware age as the cause - your hardware is from September 2019, which is not old by any means; but I would recommend lowering the graphics settings to Medium, as your device might be struggling to load everything on High. If the app regularly crashes on Medium as well, then try lowering the settings to Low for the whole duration of the flight.

Do let me know if those solutions work for you!

I have only used 55GB of a 128GB iPad storage and I’ve tried the scenery cache clearing and the restarting of the device and deleting and reinstalling the app the issue still occurs. The iPad stays on the charger at all times because I herd that the battery percentage could also cause sim issues. But I do have a question. Are you cleaning scenery cache while in game and flying or while on the main screen because I do it on the main screen would that change anything?

It shouldn’t make a difference whether you do it in-flight or on the main screen. Assuming you don’t quit your flight and try to resolve the issue, do try clearing the scenery cache; if that doesn’t work, change your network type (from WiFi to Cellular, and vice versa) and try again - the airport should load then. Unfortunately, the 3D Object Density setting got locked in-flight in 22.1, so to change that, you’d have to quit the flight - changing it can sometimes be the fix to the airport loading problems.

If the steps above don’t work, try restarting the app and clearing the cache (once again). An app reinstall is the last resort, so I’d recommend trying those steps over and over again before reinstalling the app.

Try the steps I listed if you encounter the issue again, if they don’t work for whatever reason, let me know.

Ok I’ll try these tonight for my long haul. I hope it works. I’ll delete the app, reinstall, clear scenery and restart the device to see if that’ll do the trick.

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