Game Crashes After Take Off

Phone: Xiaomi Redmi 4x 3 GB RAM / 32 GB ROM (Global Version)
Android 7.1.2
Miui Stable (NAMMIEK)
No root No modification
Game loads without a problem (solo) but after 2 mins game crashes.
i tried restarting phone and lower graphics but it didnt worked (sorry for my bad english)

Have you tried deleting and reinstalling IF?

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yes i tried deleting and reinstalling IF

How much free space do you have left? And do you have any other apps running in the background?

Now what you can do is close app clear the ram and cache(usually a simple restart helps) now if that does not work you should re-install infinite flight :-)

The solition is VPN. And without VPN game wont able download planes and crash arter 2 mins. And VPN is slowing down my wi-fi connection.
VPN: Opera VPN
My Country: Turkey
(Sorry for my bad English)

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What network provider are you using?

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And i wont able to watch YouTube videos on pc.

Uydunet must somehow be blocking the connection for IF partially, it almost seems like they jump in and block it once they detect an established connection. Because if they were blocking it completely you should encounter issues right upon spawning.

My suggestion is that you give your provider a call, and ask them if they have any restrictions for UDP ports 10100 & 22.

Unfortunately there’s not much that can be done from this end, as it’s pretty obvious this is caused by your provider restricting it somehow.