Game Crashes 30 seconds after I start

Hey there, I was just trying to start my Friday night flight and when I spawn into Hong Kong international everything is fine. But when I go to my external view the planes load in and then my game crashes. I turned off my phone and deleted and re-installed the app. Please help!

Device- iPhone 8

Try this from the wise Easter Bunny

Was this on live? And was the airport Busy? I know from experience that sometimes a packed airport can make my app crash when switching to an external camera. What are your live settings?(Aircraft Count, etc.) if this is on live.

@Balloonchaser No luck with that, ram isn’t a problem because I have 256 GB, restarted the phone and lowered the graphics. @Daniel14 Yes this was on live, the airport has 3 or 4 other people at it. Aircraft count is very high. It’s like a glitch or bug only when I go to the external view.

Try again but with aircraft count set to low. Believe it or not this happens on my iPad Pro sometimes even with 1-2 people there. This could also be something with the airport itself I’ll have to look at the list that was published here on the IFC as to if it was changed at all.

EDIT: it wasn’t changed

I just changed it to low and it did the same thing.

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Is your device jail broken? Rooted? Modified in anyway?

Nope nothing at all, and just got it a week ago…

That is odd then, has your device had issues with anything else?

Nope absolutely nothing.

I’m going to say contact a mod then, I would PM @anon88794458 as he usually hops on now. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you find the problem out.

Ok, but right now a software update just came so I’m updating right now, thanks for the help!

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Before I go, I just thought of something to try if the update doesn’t work. Takeoff from another airport somehwere close but not to close maybe a 100nm away and use VHHH as your waypoint and fly to it. If your game crashes once you reach over VHHH then it is probably the area around there. Fly there around 5,000ft

Ok thanks, but also before it happened a few times I spawned into a random airport and it was fine.

Could you spawn into Hong Kong a second for me?

Sure I can right now

Quick question, was this happening at one gate? And if so, what gate?

I was like cargo gates 10-18 I tried.

Spawned in, I did get one thing I did get a slight glitch when I spawned in at Gate 17 so your device might be getting a more pronounced version of the glitch.

Huh, well right now I’m in the air with graphics on full and nothing is wrong, I’m going to be doing some pattern work for awhile.