Game crashes 3 times in a row

My game has crashed 3 times in a row on the FNF from KLAX to EDDF, it crashed twice after takeoff, and then once right on short final runway 07L at Frankfurt after a good 12 hours of flying, I have a newer iPad so it is not my technical issue, the game ran smooth all flight, and then started lagging and crashed on short final, it’s just really disappointing to fly 12 hours and do a full approach just to not be able to land,
What can I do?
(Edited) I cannot even view the replay, I can hear the atc but the replay doesn’t start, it also says 00:00 KLAX to N/a in the replay file

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Have you reset your scenery cashe by any chance?

What settings on the graphics do you usually have for cruise?

Nope, how do I do that
I usually run highest graphics at all times, science my device can Handle it, and it also has never crashed before

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Go to the infiniteflight settings, > General > Scroll to the bottom and you should see it :)

Hey Julius, Sorry to hear that, it can be really annoying.

Hows your Airplane Count?

A thing that I usually do is: delete IF, restart the device and then download it again, its worth a try, tell me If works :)

Ok will do that, what’s an airplane count?

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@Kamryn Clearing scenery cache doesn’t actually cause/prevent any crashes. It’s to do with scenery and barely anything to do with the performance (RAM usage) of the simulator.

@JuliusFlight, a good start to troubleshooting the crashes is to follow the steps published in the official Infinite Flight “Get Help” section. I’ve linked it down below. Let us know if you still get crashes after.


How much aircraft is showing up in your space, If its on “high”, a lot of aircrafts are loading at the same time and this can cause crashes in some devices, just try what I said, let’s see if it works

Deleting and redos loading it along with a restart of the device helped, my replay file is completely gone now since I deleted it, I will I form you if I have any further issues, thanks very much!

And my airplane count is high, I set it down to medium

Amazing to hear that! That already happened to me a few times, I did it and it worked, just wanted to test it out with you. Glad to hear it worked =D

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I literally just had the same problem

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