Game crashed

Device: iPad 6th Gen
Operating system: iOS 17
Hello! I was flying the new amazing Emirates A380 from DXB-JFK for over 12 hours. When I was about to land at JFK, the game crashed. It was so freaking frustrating. I used flight resume so I was flying a total of 5 days or so. Thank you!

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Sorry to hear that your game crashed. Lower Graphics and Clearing Cache will reduce crashes. Also check this for more information.

Just “iPad” doesn’t give us enough information, since there are so many different models.
Which one are you using?

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Usually it doesn’t. :)

Clearing the scenery cache should only be done when users are experiencing issues falling through taxiways, aprons, ramps, runways or experiencing any other scenery related type of issues.

In some cases clearing the scenery cache could even increase the chance of encountering crashes because more data needs to be downloaded after doing that.

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What should I do then?

You could start by supplying the information I asked for earlier. :)

Completely fixed mine. I haven’t crashed in months after doing it

The entire concept of what a cache is speaks against that you clearing the scenery cache stopped the crashes. Most likely a coincidence.

Unless you were only flying in the same area constantly…

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I am using a iPad 6th Gen.

Please see this section of the user guide:

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