Game crashed

Hello everyone. I hope you all are having an amazing day. So, yesterday I was playing Infinite Flight. I was on my route from KSTS-MMTJ. And when I was descending, Infinite Flight suddenly crashed and phone auto restarted. Can anybody tell me, what’s the problem? My device is- Samsung Galaxy S20FE

Are your graphics all on high?? Maybe change them to medium or low.
Is your FPS 30 or 60?? You should probably move it to 30.
Clear the scenery cache.

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And use the battery save function to let the device cool down at cruise!

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You may have possibly ran out of storage

@NemAir No No. My phone is new.

@Bassfishing No. My graphics is in medium settings. And the fps is in 30.

You may have just been unlucky. Nothing is perfect, just some bad luck. There are some things life we just can’t explain

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I also use the S20FE and i also have this problem. All my settings are appropriate. It seems to occur more when at a crowded airport. I think ( but am not certain ) it may be due to the amount of data that it has to handle.


Its definitely the device. It just happened to me and there were only 2 other players at the airport and the airspace was not at all crowded

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