Game crashed

i was flying from daag to lfpg and my game crashed is there anyway i can stop that from happening

No just wait for them to fix it

Known issue, they are working on it. Very heavy loads on the servers now

This is going to be happening for the first few days until traffic starts to die down. One key tip is just patience

This is probably due to the very heavy load on Infinite Flight’s servers at the moment.


Due To The New 20.1 Update, Everyone wants to play. of course this can not happen to everyone, but if you are lucky enough to spawn in, then chances are your FPS will drop down, and you will most likely to lag out. the dev team is working in to it. :)

-Julian K.
This Should Be In The #support Category :)

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okay thanks

Welcome to the new reality. Devices that ran this game previously now crash continously. I’m infuriated, and I struggle to understand how a server issue makes an app crash.

Nonetheless, they had better fix this.


i was determined to land since yesterday i was in a line for an hour to take off and it keeps crashing