Game Crashed

Hello, My game crashed 1 minute before landing, coming from a 10hr 34 minute flight! What might be the reason, and how to prevent it from happening again?! :(

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Have you checked here? ;)

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But haven’t an update regarding game crash has been released? I thought that issue was fixed!

Nope, not all of them no :)
The memory leak still exists.

Alright then. :( I really hope this issue will be solved soon! It really Sucks to wait 10hr 34 minutes, Then crash Just a minute before landing!

Thank you for your help anyways.🙏

Where did you intended to land, and on what server?

Miami, expert server

That explains it. Heavily crowded airport.
Suggesting that in preparation of landing in such areas while this issue is still active, lower the airplane count. This is most likely what caused your crash :)

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True that might have been the reason.
I’ll take your advice for next time.
Thank you very much!🙏

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