Game crashed

I was just descending in lax just there from my 10 hour flight it just crashed for no reason the area is busy I don’t know if this caused it but my connection was good so annoying 😏

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This just happens from time to time. As long as it doesn’t happen constantly on every flight, you should be fine.

How do I know? This happened to me once before.

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Your device may not be able to handle higher aircraft counts, higher quality settings and so on. Or you had some things going on in the background.


Yes but it was out of the blue It happens to me all the time if I do long flights

i feel your pain. this used to happen to me.

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How was your connection? Make sure that the little check in the corner is all green. Also, I would clear any scenery cache, and also reboot your device on a consistent basis.

Before a long haul flight, make sure to do the following:

• Restart device (Clears background apps)
• Ensure a stable connection
• Have the settings turned down (if device can’t handle it)
• Disable active add or message blocking apps.

Those things could be the reason why you disconnected… And as it may be frustrating, it may have been avoidable #ExpertServer

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Well this afternoon I left Heathrow when I went into cockpit view it was lagging on the tarmac then I went into out of aircraft view it was fine everything was running smoothly through out the flight in different stages it went off one once or twice froze then came back but it was fine coming in

Yeah I’ll have to do that more thanks for the help 👍🏻

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When you aren’t on your device, make sure everything is on low like @Balloonchaser mentioned. I would free up some storage, and make sure you have 1GB of RAM free. 2GB of storage should be fine also.

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Just like Chris said, it is most likely high airplane count. My recommendation is that you lower the airplane count if it is very high, to a medium or low. If the problempersists, then try to restart your device.

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This topic can be closed now I think I know now what’s causing the annoyance thanks for clearing things up 🤙🏻


If the issue arises again let us know! :)

Appreciate it thank you !


@Joeoreilly77 Just some friendly guidance and advice. Use this template to better illustrate your issue in detail.

  • Device and Operating System
  • Amount of storage available
  • Background apps running and was the device restarted before the long haul
  • Graphics Settings, Airplane Count, Anti-Aliasing
  • Steps to reproduce

I’d highly recommend you lower your settings and visit some busy airports to see if those changes improved any lag, freezing and/or crashing.