Game crashed when on 5x time on ground

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Device Information

Samsung A7 2018
Android 10, one ui 2


Crashes when i used 5x time on the ground when I was stressing the game

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • spawn in 777
  • turn on autopilot
    • go max throttle
    • enable 5x time

Expected results

To just keep going until plane crashes

Actual results

Game crashed

More Information

The 5x feature isn’t supposed to be used on the ground…

Yeah i know but it was just a stress test cuz im looking for any bugs before its rolled out public.

Unable to reproduce. Tested on both an iPad mini 5th generation and iPhone 11 Pro. Will provide a screen recording from the iPhone 11 Pro.

Device(s): Apple iPad mini 5th generation (11,1), Apple iPhone 11 Pro (12,3)
IF Version: 20.02.00 (468)
iOS Version: 14.0.1

Oh okay, i was maybe thinking it was the app that caused it

From your video, it seems to be working as it should if your flight crashed rather the app crashed.

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