Game Crashed Twice when Approaching Airport!

Hello, i just wanted to ask a question! When i turned on the VNAV button and started Descending i was approaching a nearby airport Heathrow on the Training Server this Morning! And All of a Sudden the Game Crashed so i’d like to ask if this has happened more that once to some of you thanks!:)
Type of Device: Ipad Air 5th Generation

Hey there, do you mind providing some other information on your graphics settings as well as some information about your flight? This will definitely help us identify some possible issues that might be causing these crashes.

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I play on 60fps which is the highest…

And also it’s whenever i pass by a Active airport let’s say Gatwick at like 7000ft

There are a high number of variables that can cause crashes. That said, having your settings at 60 frames rather than 30 is a good indicator of why it’s crashing more than it should.

Try turning your settings down and see if your Infinite Flight continues to crash.

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Ok i will turn it to 30fps now…

Changed It!

Do consider changing your settings from high to medium, perhaps even low if need be. Not only would it be saving on your performance, but in the long term, your battery and device as a whole will definitely benefit from running less aggressively.

I’ll Change that then:)

They are using an iPad Air 5 with the M1 chip. It’s arguably the most capable device to run the game. They should not need to lower their settings, as it is clearly not the devices ability that’s lacking. This, in my opinion, is the sims fault.

edit: listen to @LordWizrak and @Levet

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I am also using an iPad (iPad Pro in specific) with an M1 chip. Historically, it has struggled with thermal performance. I’m not sure why this is the issue but I’m thinking that this is due to the software not being native to the processor. It’s just a guess I’m throwing out, unlikely to have any substance.

That said, it’s undeniable that M1 devices are struggling with thermals. With that said, turning down your settings is still the best stop-gap measure until a more permanent solution is pushed by the developers.


I don’t totally agree and here’s why since I too have an iPad with the M1 chip. PadOS isn’t optimized for the chip, and in my opinion, OS 15 has been a tremendous let down on both my iPhone and iPad. And like @LordWizrak said, thermal performance is subpar for devices that cost this much money.