Game crashed right before landing

I just joined the Asiana VA and I was following one of the set routes. I was flying to get the required hours to be a captain. I was on my final approach with the runway in sight. My 1+ hour long flight was finally going to end. As I got closer, the game hung and just crashed >:(

I did not earn any exp or flight hours from that and it makes me mad.

My phone is the Samsung S8+ and it has a lot of free storage. I was on power save mode during the flight so my game would not over heat. (Its also hot where I live so it adds up to the heat.)

Help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Does it reguarly happen or is it a one time issue?


Not sure what you want help with? Your XP + flight time accumulated during your flight is updated on a regular basis during your session, so you didn’t loose it.


To add onto schyllberg, it may take a few minutes for your XP and stuff to show up, that might be why you are not seeing it.

This is my first almost completed long haul flight on global. It was the first time it crashed before landing. When I tried flying from LAX-JFK it hung 30 minutes mid flight but that was because my settings were really high. I fixed that issue but now it hangs before landing.

oh alright thanks. At least I got that. Hopefully…