Game crashed once again

This is why I stopped flying and only control on this game, it always crashes on my long haul flights. Can you look into why my game crashed on my descent into KATL.

My game always crashes at ATL but would you mind telling me your graphics settings? If they are set on medium or low it reduces the chances of your game crashing

Set to medium

What’s your device?

Hey, @Nanadukes14

I am sorry to hear that your game crashed. Trust me, you are not the only user that I have heard of having similar issues recently. Although the issue might seem similar the solution might be different for every user and device.

However, a very simple solution that works most of the time is restarting your device before every flight. That doesn’t mean it will work for all but it might be worth giving it a try.

Another possible solution is to set your graphics settings one setting lower than what you normally use, and check if you see differences on future flights.

Also, it’s recommended to “Clear Scenery Cache” on your Infinite flight settings if you haven’t already, that might be causing the game to crash as it has too many things stored in-game that need to be freed.

It might help to know what device you play Infinite Flight on, to assist any further.

Hope that helps!

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iPad 8th generation and I usually clear my cache every couple of days

While you are in Infinite Flight, do you have any apps running in the background?

Id recommend trying some of the following:

  • Clearing scenery cache regularly
  • Deleting replays whenever you can
  • Setting most graphic settings to low or medium, especially during cruise
  • Turning off anti aliasing + Setting to 30fps
  • Running no/low number of apps in the background
  • Restarting your device (Holding the off button) every few days

Have you tried doing the last one? I did that with my old device when it crashed, and it greatly improved the situation. Crashes sometimes just happen at high object density airports such as KATL or KLAX


My game hasn’t crashed luckily but my friends still have infinite flight crashing but also my device is starting to heat up as soon as I start playing infinite flight as soon the erj update came out, other games it keeps cool. I like infinite flight a lot but they need to start fixing bugs.

Not usually, but probably 1-2 not including if assistant

Oh I do all of that…still crashes, it got so bad I stopped playing and actually went down to level 2
It looks like this crash was because it didn’t have the Las test update though. I checked the App Store and there was an update.

When I was landing at EDDF after a long haul it also crashed at the final moments before landing. No fps problems or anything. Just out of nowhere :(

Long haul flight from Mia to lemd and crashed 1500 ft from airport
Graphics medium
No other apps open
Any aliasing off
Cleared cache before takeoff

Do you lower brightness during cruise?

Yes I have that setting on

I understand that IF does work on bugs but they need to focus right now more on bugs instead of adding a private jet and the E190 because people are canceling subscriptions because of the bugs. Luckily my game doesn’t crash but the only problem I’m having is my device heats up in the middle of cruise and the battery drains quickly and its a new iPad too and on other games, my device keeps cool and doesn’t run out of battery quickly.

Are you lowering your brightness during the cruise as I’ve found that substantially improves battery performance and heat.

Yes i lower the brightness to the lowest I can all the time, I pretty much always fly on the lowest brightness i can all the time or it starts heating up.

i fully charged my device before a flight im doing right now and my device is on 19%


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