Game crashed on Long Haul flight

I was on a long haul flight from VIDP-EGLL, I had put my graphic settings to the lowest and switched off Anti-aliasing but my game crashed right before my approach into London! I’m using an iPhone XS Max. Why did this happen?? I could’ve gotten so much more xp but completing my landing. This is just not fair! Infinte Flight should be more flexible in this terms if something happens outside the control of the user and let them take over where they left. Is such things keep happening, its really demotivating to do long haul flights. This game is about fun but it just seems to he to strict on regulations!!

We are aware of a slightly increased crash rate on 19.4 with iOS. The cause of this is not 19.4 directly, but a framework used together with iOS 13 that is leaking a substantial amount of memory. The less RAM your iOS device is equipped with, the greater the risk is of being affected.

Latest update regarding the crash issue:

Now more than ever, the steps quoted should be followed when attempting a longer flight as it will greatly reduce the risks of experiencing a crash.

If you are experiencing these crashes, make sure you reduce the following settings:

  • Texture Resolution: Low
  • Anti Aliasing: Off
  • Live Aircraft Count: Low to None, None especially on Final.
  • Rendering resolution: Low

Below will also in addition to what’s already been mentioned, lower the chance of experiencing any crashes:

Of course we are working hard to find a way to resolve it, but please try the steps above in the mean time.

From Support FAQ

There is a fix that is currently being tested that will hopefully address the memory leaking issue.

In the mean time once you are at cruise you can switch to tower or ATC cam to not download scenery while at cruise.

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I had followed all these steps for a long haul flight but it still crashed! I was really surprised because I followed each and every step exactly as stated and still the game crashed when I was on the descent approach. Please try to integrate a feature in the game that lets users restart from where their game crashed— only when the game crashes so that it’s much less of a hassle when something like this happens. Doing long haul flights really takes a toll on your phone’s battery life and we are willing to take the risks but please help us enjoy the benefits of those risks. I understand that the codes for this game are really complex and extensive but users should be able to enjoy the real life experience…that is real-time long haul flights.


These steps are not a 100% guarantee that you won’t get a crash. They are there to try and prevent crashes, but aren’t always successful, such as in your case. I understand that it sucks not being able to finish your flight. Although a feature where you could start your flight from where it left off would be great, it just wouldn’t be realistic. You are able to enjoy long haul flights most of the time. You just have to follow the tips and hope for the best. Like I said, there’s no guarantee you won’t crash. Look on the bright side: a fix for this issue has been planned on coming in the 20.1 update.