Game crashed on approach

Honestly in disbelief, I just did a 12 hour flight from LAX to CDG. After being happy on ILS approach, my game crashed. Never doing long haul again if this doesn’t get fixed.


Which device were you using and do you remember your graphics settings?

I understand the frustration however this isn’t in the power of a moderator

What’s your device and graphic settings?
This used to happen to me on iPhone 8 and I fixed clearing the scenery cache and setting to low all the graphics settings.

I’ve had this happen to me on numerous occasions, however I find restarting your device before starting a new flight (especially long-haul) helps reduce the crash rate but again, I’ve done that on multiple occasions and still managed to crash so I would stick with restarting your device to be the best bet.

I was using the 8th gen of iPad. I don’t know what the graphics were but I never have messed with them.

Okay thank you!

Oh okay I understand

It happens even on newer devices. I had it yesterday on my iPad Air (4th generation) with all the Settings on high. It is frustrating to “crash” on the approach to KSFO from EHAM, but remember; it is still a game. :)

I see, as I said, I had the same issue and I fix it lowering the graphics, you could try and see what happens

I use iPad Air 4th too, but this kind of thing has never happened to me :p

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