Game crashed as I was about to land

I was just about to land at OTHH after some incompetent controller made me do a missed approach. I made a u turn around the airport and just when I was about to line up on the localiser, the app crashed. I’ve never been more angry at this game in my life

Hi please pm the controller with your feedback because we love hearing ways in which we can improve our service.

About the app crash sorry to hear about that. Happens at the worst possible times sometimes 😂


What is your device, graphics settings, airplane count, and are you using any 3rd party apps?

Can’t PM a controller without knowing who that controller was 🙄

Hey @champagnepapi, do you happen to know the username of said controller? Or, perhaps do you know what time this occurred at? I’d be happy to get you in contact with him or her.

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Well if you read, he was angry at the “incompetent controller” in the first part. So if he had to go around or do a missed approach for what he believes is no reason, you can pm the controller. Or am I wrong?


There’s also been a grand finale to this finita la comedia - the app crashed

Yes, at first I thought this topics point was to understand why the app crashed, and I thought the controller bit was “part of the story”

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He was controlling approach about 30 minutes ago maybe

I can check who was controlling for you just give me a few minutes. In the future, if you go to your replay and scroll to the moment you were on that controller’s frequency and click states infer the tab, it will show you controller information

I believe your controller was @Enrique_Fernandez

That’s very rude you could have just some other words. You have no idea how hard it is to control really busy airports such as othh today. So go arounds are very frequent


hope that we will get a solution.

contact the controller via PM, they are there to help you and likewise to grow and be the best pilot you can be and you helping them be the best atc they can be. but please on a PUBLIC form dont bad mouth them. they go though a very difficult process and your not making any point or issue be known if you have a bad attitude. have a good day

Has happened to me before! After a 14 hour flight sucks, but it happens!

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Blue marks are that you should follow my setting photo to reset your settings☺️☺️
It will help you

Because too hot of your devices will easier get crashed

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And also lower your graphics

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I don’t know what’s up with the Persian Gulf and app crashes. It seems to happen a lot. It definitely has something to do with graphics.

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