Game crashed after changing final approaches altitudes

Today I was reaching my destination and I changed the altitude of a Final approach waypoint and the game crashed. Did you already know about this problem? because it also happens to some friends

App crashes are frequent. The best thing you can do is restart your device prior to your flight, that will limit the chances of your app crashing.

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This is a known issue as the navigation maps take away a lot of RAM. It happened to me before. I recommend to hide the airspaces and fixes in the navigation maps. And be sure to free up at least 2Gb of storage space.

If you are still experiencing crashing issues be sure to take a look into The suggestions above and in the guide will help you with this issue.


What is you’re device?

Hi @DIEGO11 ,
This might happen due to your device’s ram. Try not to do multiple actions while playing. You can just fix your way points before departure and if they runway changes at the time of arrival, you can do manual approach.
Hope this helped you :)
Cheers !!

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