Game crashed after 5 hour flight

Game crashed after a 5 hour flight I went to go refuel my aircraft which was a C130 USCG when I pressed weight and balance to add more fuel to the aircraft I was using the game crashed which then I lost a 5 hour flight is there a way to not make my game crash?

What’s your device and graphics settings? Has it happened before?

I recommend you follow what’s been stated in this post:

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My device is a Android HTC Ultra

HTC Ultra has 4GB RAM which should be more then enough to run with these settings. Try deleting and reinstalling the game. And when you reinstall sit right next to your modem/router to ensure it download’s fast. Sometimes the app doesn’t get installed properly. (happened to me and reinstalling it worked wonders.)

Let us know if any of these helped so other users can refer to this post!

It would be nice to make “live” accrual of exp / flight hours in game not to have such cases when you lose session (especially long ones) results because of app crash / internet connection cutout.

That’s how it is already. XP & flight time are updated on a regular basis during your flight.


Ok. Didn’t know. Good to know

Hello there,

I am new to this forum and I register because I also had this same problem, except that I still haven’t landed yet. I was on final when zooming the cockpit camera view to get a clearer runway sight then the app crashed. already happened twice :

  1. last night after around 1 hour flight from EHAM to EGLL, using Swiss Air A330.
  2. just today after about 2 hours flight from RKSI to RJTT, using Korean Air A380.

both flight crashed the same way : when I zoom cockpit camera view on final (inside ILS triangle). speed 170-180, ALT 1500, VS 400. MLW OK.

My device is Redmi Note 4 (mediatek chip version), 4GB of Ram. Other app open was just Google Chrome with remaining ram on 1,9GB (checked after crashed).

My graphic settings are just the same as @Callum_Brayshaw settings above.

I have tried all the suggested steps to keep IF running well but those still happened.
When this happened, paying for IF subscription felt so expensive now :)

Sorry for this long post. Just tried to figure out what’s wrong with these crashes.

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Just a side note here: One thing that can improve performance is to reduce rendering resolution; that and Anti-Aliasing are the 2 most important settings to reduce in order to get optimal performance.

Now, I am sure there are still bugs and issues. I doubt there is any advanced game in the mobile market that can pretend to not crash after 5hr use :)

Thank you for your patience as we track those issues asap.

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Did you update Infinite Flight since last week? we pushed a couple fixes this week that address some crashes.

Hi Phillipe,
I’ve just updated my IF to global in like-4 days ago so I didn’t think if there’s an update already. But when I just checked playstore, there is an update, so I will update my IF and advise again later after trying the updated one.

thank you for the suggesting the update.

Hi @philippe,
Sadly this app still crashes, every time i did a zoom in on cockpit camera view, even after the newest update. I guess I’ll just use chase camera view to land until it’s fixed. :)

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This is getting ridiculous now. I’ve just failed another landing because of this. I didn’t zoom in the camera now, but when I was tapping the mini map zoom several times, then the app crashed again. Ok my finger might miss some taps of the (+) box, and I might double tap on the screen (the app read it as a return to default angle) but that shouldn’t make the app crashed :(

I just can’t stop cursing right now I’ve just spent my 2 hours for nothing.

The same happened to me twice. I was on final and zoomed in the see the runway, when I zoomed in the game crashed.

I forced stop the app and deleted Infinite Flight twice but the crash still happened.

Infinite flight please stabilize your game as it is almost impossible to do a long flight without the app crashing

Hopefully they can find out the problem and fix it on the next not-so-far update :)