Game crashed 3 times today

So first time game crashed when I was on finall approach into KLAS another couple miniutes affter departure from KSFO and last one when I was taking off from KLAS. I wanna ask is this normal cuz I dont think so and can I fix that somehow?!

Can you please provide some more details such as what device you are on and what you mean by a crash.

Adding on what Chris says you might also want to check this out.

My device is Samsung note10+ and by crash I mean everything just freezes and I cant do nothing but only restarting my phone.

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How much available RAM do you have? Infinite Flight is a very memory-intensive game. If that is not the case, and it is a connection problem, try playing closer to your router to see if that works in any way.

8GB of ram and wifi is actually good but still thanks I will try.

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