Game crashed 23.3!

hello IFC , I have a problem, when I make a route it takes me out of the game, explain why it takes me out of the game,what is the case

There’s already a thread on this check it out here.

Hey there,

Firstly, can you share device and the android/iOS software version you have installed

Secondly, can you explain a little more about how you are creating the route. Are you copying and pasting it from somewhere or adding manually?

Can you share the route/waypoints you are trying to add?

That sounds more related to memory/traffic density, I think the OP is experiencing a crash when creating or pasting a route/fixes

Cameron stated in that thread, there is a hotfix coming out for multiple crashes in the next upcoming days. But it could be another issue too.

I can’t even leave the gate before the crash. Static…then CRASH. Mostly at busy airports. REALLY FRUSTRATING!!!


Then lower your airplane count & 3D object density since it’s most likely too high for your device causing the crashes :)

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for what device would it not be too high? my brand new iphone 14 pro max deals with these kind of issues even at 30 fps limit

Is your case that’s it’s crashing mainly at busy airports?

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for the most part. but i still lose conn pretty frequently at empty airports far away from crowds

i dont think its crashed on me at empty airports

Now you’re talking about two very different problems here which is causing quite a tricky discussion…

Either way, best option is probably to continue in your topic :)

Ohhh, not a surprise at all to see crash related topics here, a hotfix is on its way hopefully to rectify this issue.
But just noticed quite a few threads about crashes prop up in the past few hours on the forum fill me with dread as I get closer to KORD - the reason? My game tend to crash when airport is super busy.

I’ve done everything possible to limit the crashes and it still happen occasionally more like 1/4 as opposed to 1/2.
An improvement but still not acceptable.

here’s (are) the issue(s) with your app:

  • at crowded airports:
    lose conn to Live every few seconds, occasionally crashes after about 20 min of taxiing.
    -crucial: never crashes when i first spawn in

  • at empty airports:
    loss conn to Live server a handful of times, maybe every few min
    -does not crash out of app

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You created a topic about this, didn’t you? If so, please continue there.
It’s rather complicated to work the same problem in two topics with the same user…

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When you said for the most part at busy airports, that would explain the underlying cause

No bro, I do this route Tel Aviv to Bucharest and above in Bulgaria crash !!!

I’m closing this since numerous people involve themselves with their own issues unrelated to the original topic and replies gets confused.

I beg you, please create YOUR OWN topics for your own issues and do not bring in your own issue into other peoples topics.