Game crashed 10.5 hours into flight

This might actually be the first time its happened to me, but IF crashed moments before descent into KDTW from RKSI in a Delta a359. For the entire cruise, I set all graphics on the lowest settings possible, had frame rate limited checked and low power mode activated. Device was slightly warm throughout the entire flight, but thats normal. As I begin to regain control of the plane, I improve graphics settings to the highest possible standards (apart from disabling frame limiter) and the phone temp may have increased slightly–but nothing seemed unusual. However, about 2 mins after doing so and messing around with the map and Avionics, IF suddenly crashed. Needless to say, all progress was lost, and the flight didn’t even count towards my stats. The replay file is empty too…

can some one explain why this happened? and/or how to prevent further occurances?

ps: device is an iPhone 8 plus
Do Not Disturb was enabled throughout the entire duration
was running IF Assistant in backround but all other tabs were closed
Phone was not on battery saver mode


Hey Captain_Oblivious!

I am very sorry that this happened to you! It seems like from an Infinite Flight perspective your settings are spot on with having those low graphics in place! Let’s take a look at things other than IF. Did you receive any sort of notification such as a call, facetime, text, etc? Were you running an app in the background such as IF PAX, Operations, or Assistant? Did you have your phone’s Low Power mode on?

IF Assistant yes, do not disturb was activated so no notifications interrupted me. and low power was not activated

I am glad it is not a notification problem! There are a few things that could of happened here. One thing could be that the long flight with IF Assistant may have been a little too much for the device resulting in an app crash. These can happen from time to time despite no prior signs of an app crash. A simple solution to help solve this is to do what is called a soft restart before every flight.

1: Hold the power button on your iPhone 8 until the “Slide to lock” comes up
2: Hold the home button until you return to your home screen on your iPhone
3: Boom! Launch IF and get flying!

I hope this helps you in the future. I am sorry that you lost your stats on such a cool flight!


That doesnt really relate to the issue, as nothing is really said about the iPhone 8’s issues.


Is the flight even un the flight log?

yea it is on the log

What graphic settings did you use?

This is something people needs to stop doing.
It’s fine if you change it before pressing “Fly!” - but if you do so mid-session, it’s a great recipe for disaster.

When you drop the graphics, iOS will consume the resources that becomes available for other tasks. If you then decide to increase again, you’ll overrun the budget and risk iOS shutting down the app.

Additionally - Restart before each longer flight. Strongly recommended. It’s something I’ve personally done for years.


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