Game crash

Operating system:
Hello , I know there has been a lot of games crashes report on the IFC but I just want staff members to take a look . Flying as Egyptair 939 from HECA to FAOR on the A330-300 .
Device : IPhone 8
Operating system : IOS 15.2.1

Crashed after 5 hours of uneventful cruise on the Expert Server



Do the following to start with in the precise order given.

Uninstall Infinite Flight from your device
Restart device
Reinstall Infinite Flight from App Store.
Then before making any longer flights, make sure to you restart your device since that will help in killing off all the resources that’s currently utilizing RAM. And OOM (out of memory) crashes are the ones we see the most.

I wouldn’t recommend running on 60fps for too long though (if you are) since that tends to utilize A LOT of processing power. It’s not only the frames that are increased, but every calculation.

I hope this works out as it worked really well for me :)


Yes the part of deleting and reinstalling IF and restarting your device before each flightI have been doing that for a long time as well as pointing the camera to the seat so it doesn’t need to constantly generate scenery . I also put graphics to low and medium but I did not know about the 60 fps . That means during cruise I put fps down to 30 @Zuhayr_Shahid ?

Yes on long hauls or even medium hauls just keep the FPS on 30. Did u delete your app then restart your device and then install it?
Plus also restart the way I told u?

Well at the end of each flight I delete IF . Usually before each Flight reinstall the sim . And then restart the device . Is that correct ?

Reinstalling is a bit over the top.
Just restarting your device would be enough.

One thing to take note of;
Longer flights on the iPhone 8 might be tricky regardless.
Besides what’s already been said, also lower your object density. I can see that you’re currently running that on “medium”.

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Okay but what exactly does the object density do ? Like does it ruin the plane’s aspect or something ?

Although funnily enough flights over 10h never crash for me . It’s always the short , medium ,or short long hauls ( like 6-7 hours )

Object density is at the 3d airports, basically makes it so there’s more/less small objects like pylons and baggage carts.

I also reccomend setting airplane count to low or none, havent had a crash myself since doing that

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Okay good to know and I always put my aircraft count to low . ( and when I watch the replay I put aircraft count to high , graphics to high because i don’t really care if the game crashes when I am watching the replay just have to load it again )

It’s always a bit sad to have less details tho

Yeah I know. It sucks but you get used to it.

When I go into replays I’ll set everything to full, but in the flights its more worth it to just be able to finish the flight without a crasg

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