Game crash

Hello there, I was AA86 enroute to EGLL from KORD and all of a sudden the game crash in the middle of the climb

I have an iPad 6

This is a known issue. Download 23.3.2 which was made available today :) hope this helps


I’m downloading it now and now I missed this AA86 flight to EGLL since this game crashed

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me too, i’m using 11 pro, and i’ve already update to 23.3.2 yesterday, before the update i flew EHAM-WIII and the app crashed after 12 minutes departure, after i updated the app i flew again EHAM-WIII and runs perfectly, untill an hour ago, i flew WIII-RJTT, after 6 hours flight and 40 minutes before descends, the app just crashed, it feels like😬😬😬

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Hopefully it works!

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Ok I hope so

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Why can I not do that? It solved my problem that’s why I did that. What’s wrong with that