Game Crash

Flight 1

after a 9 hour flight, on final in an a339, 23.3.1, the game randomly crashed.

Flight 2

I left my iPad on it’s stand to continue throughout a 16 hr flight (LHR-PER 789). 2 hours into it, i look over and see there is a totally black screen. It seems to have crashed then went to the password lock screen. when I logged back in to my device infinite flight was not running at all.

Device: iPad Pro 2nd Generation
Operating system: iOS 17

Sorry to hear!

Update to 23.3.2 which was released earlier.
It contains numerous crash fixes :)

alright I’ll see.

what was the latest version on OCT 24?

That would be 23.3.1.
The hotfix was released during the past 12 hrs.

Ok, then Flight 1 was before the 23.3.2 fix

Could very well be that your first flight was too unless you actively updated. iOS isn’t awesome in updating apps automatically and less than 50% of our user base have thus far updated to 23.3.2.

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So will the crash not happen in 23.3.2?

Hopefully not.
I won’t promise you a 100% crash free experience but it should be a lot better now.

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