Game crash

Hiya guys,

Game keeps crashing wether it’s acent,decent takeoff or landing it will just stop and crash, I don’t know why any info ??

IPad 7 gen

iOS 16.5


Hello ,

What I do before each flight is I delete IF and then reinstall the app . I then restart my phone . Then , I Make sure my graphics are set to low , medium , low and medium . I Also make sure to delete the scenery cache and set my airplane count to none ( if ever I see some other planes I will maybe put the airplane count to low ) .

Hope this helps , @IFlyer

I don’t think it’s necessary to delete and reinstall the app before every single flight. Just a restart should suffice.

I know but my phone is relatively old and one time I didn’t delete and reinstall IF and the flight crashed 🥲 so now I just do it anyways to be safe

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Hey! I use an iPad 7th gen as well. I never get app crashes unless it’s during a long ATC session of like 2+ hours. Just out of curiosity, what is your graphics settings? I usually have my graphics set to high but keep anti-aliasing off and Rendering resolution on low, and the sim runs immaculate with 30 fps.

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