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I am using the most current version of iOS on my iPad and recently my game keeps crashing. I would land and then the game would crash almost immediately.
Sometimes I would be ,I’d flight and it so would crash. It’s not even long flights. The worst part is I won’t get credit for the landings either. You can clearly see in the replays that I’ve landed but my stats won’t reflect it.
This is really upsetting and should be worked on.
I’m sure there’s topics out there that may help with this but I really wanted to post about it because it’s been happening everyday with me.

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Hey there! I’m sure the devs are aware of all the app crashes that have been happening recently. For now I recommend reducing some graphic settings and enabling “Low power mode” in order to reduce the stress put on the game compared to if you were running everything on max. Especially at busy airports.

If you are using a beta for your current iOS device (iOS 16 Beta) then it could also be that regular crashes are one of the bugs that comes with using a “Beta” program. Hopefully you don’t experience any more crashes and everything goes smoothly from here on out! 😀


Thank you for the tip.
I always have low power mode enabled so normally after about 1min of inactivity I think it kicks in(that number may be different).
But also my settings are good. I’ll do another flight tonight and see what happens.
I really wish they would still credit me for the landings tho. That’s kinda crushing that they aren’t able to look into that.

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I am curious about where you met the problem. I have tried in many places, it works well in Shanghai, Tokyo, HK and Sydney, but always crash in JFK and LHR, no matter approach or taxi on ground.


My iPad often crashes. Although I set the rendering to the lowest level, it still can’t fly more than two hours.

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What device do you run?


I use my iPad as well.
I just tried flying from jfk to lax and landed perfectly. When I went to end the game it was already frozen. I pressed the home button on my iPad and the noise from the game was still playing in the background. When I went back into the game it refreshed, didn’t count my landing, and placed me back at jfk. But if I go into my replays, it’s there. This is so silly.
They should at least credit the landings.

There was an issue like this posted a few days ago, the Devs are aware of it but it will take time for them rectify the issue. I’ve also had this issue most in busy airspaces

@schyllberg maybe you can inform them a bit better than myself 🙂

No need to tag Schyllberg to reiterate readily available information.

Which specific iPad? The issue with crashes has been more prevalent in devices with 3GB or less of RAM.

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