Game Crash

Bit sad here, was literally on my 5 mile final on 24r LAX and my game crashed. Had been flying from WSSS for about 15 hours.


Hey there Dominic, sorry to hear that you’ve experienced a game crash. Is this something that’s been consistently happening? If so, what’s your device, operating system, as well as graphics settings you’re running Infinite Flight at?

Providing these bits of information would best help us determine what might be causing these issues.


Hey there, it does not happen often at all. I think this is my second crash ever. I use my IPhone 11 Pro Max and play on max settings and have never had any issues. I honestly have no clue why it happened but I think it was random.

dude that sucks, was your settings set accordingly. dude 15 hours is a long time flying, sorry for ya loss.

Yeah settings were fine, it was just a freak accident sort of thing for sure.

I have the same problem, after the last update the game crashes at final approach, especially when aircrafts at the airport.
When I’m the only one around the airport, it doesn’t.
It’s really frustrating, before the update everything was fine.
I hope there’ll be a hotfix soon.


If you’re consistently crashing, I recommend you contact the support email through That’s the best place for you to receive help, and it’s actively monitored by the staff of Infinite Flight. As for OP, it appears that his was a one-off instance. Crashes do happen from time to time, no matter how good your device is.


Tip to you @Dominic_Boguski when I do long haul I always put fps to 30 and anti-aliasing off
And my screen to low and I’m iPhone SE 2020

And try and clear the cache

Okay, dude sorry again.

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