Game crash

My game is always crashing I have an iPad 4th generation

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Hey there! Could you answer these following questions?

  • Storage remaining?
  • IF version?
  • Graphic Settings?
  • OS of device?

Turn on low power mode, it fixed my crashing problem

31.7 storage of 32 gb
21.4 version
All high
iOS 14

Yeah, you need to have some storage to fly. Also the Ipad 4 is not that powerful for IF, i think you can use it but with lower settings, let me search a topic about that.

As said by @KpoA320, you need storage otherwise your game will continue to crash.

What type of iPad? I understand 4th Generation, but is it Mini, or Air, or Pro?

Down below is a link to a device compatibility thread, this thread is being updated all the time because of new devices coming out.

A way to get more storage (for me at least) is deleting my replays.

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Thanks, I couldn’t find it

It is iPad Air

Weird, a 4th Generation iPad Air can run all settings on high. I suggest have more storage on your device.

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